Qt SOAP component

Overview of the SOAP support in the QtSoap classes

QtSoapMessage provides an interface for creating, inspecting and modifying SOAP messages. It has convenience functions for generating method requests and inspecting method response messages, and also functions that provide easy access to SOAP Fault messages.

The QtSoapType class allows you to inspect SOAP messages with no knowledge of XML or DOM. Header and body items are all derived from QtSoapType, and through easy accessors and iterators, this class and its derivatives make it easy to build arrays (QtSoapArray), structs (QtSoapStruct) and simple types like String, Integer and Boolean (QtSoapSimpleType).

Finally, QtSoapHttpTransport provides a convenient way to submit SOAP messages to a host via the HTTP protocol.

The SOAP classes

Class Short description
QtSoapMessage Represents a SOAP message
QtSoapQName Represents qualified names (QNames)
QtSoapType A superclass for all data constructs in a SOAP message.
QtSoapArray Represents a SOAP array
QtSoapArrayIterator Lets you iterate over all the values in a SOAP array
QtSoapStruct Represents a SOAP struct
QtSoapStructIterator Lets you iterate over all the values in a SOAP array
QtSoapSimpleType Represents simple SOAP types such as String, Integer and Boolean.
QtSoapHttpTransport Provides a method for transmitting SOAP messages to an HTTP server and for getting the SOAP reply.

Status of the SOAP component

This is a partial implementation of the SOAP v1.1 protocol.

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