Qt Creator Manual

Publishing Maemo Applications to Extras-devel

Extras is the primary repository for Maemo applications where most community software can be found. You can browse the applications available in Extras at Maemo Downloads.

You can publish both free and commercial applications to Extras. Free applications must be open source and pass through a QA process. Commercial applications are usually closed, binary only, and the publisher is responsible for assuring their quality and security.

You can upload free applications as Debian packages to Extras-devel at Maemo.org to share new updates to your application and to start the community QA process. You need a Garage account for the uploads, but the package itself does not need to be hosted in the Garage.

You can use the Publish for Fremantle Extras-devel Free Repository wizard to create a source archive and, optionally, upload it to a build server for compiling and packaging. The package is then moved to the Extras-devel repository. From there on, you must follow the standard Maemo processes to get the application published to Extras.

The wizard checks that the package contains all the information that is required to publish applications on Extras: package description and Package Manager icon. For more information about entering this information, see Creating Debian Installation Packages.

To use the publishing wizard:

  1. Select the Maemo5 build target for your project.
  2. Choose Build > Publish Project.
  3. Select Publish for Fremantle Extras-devel Free Repository, and then select Start Wizard.
  4. Select the Qt version and device type to build against and click Next.

    To create a source archive without uploading it to the build server, select the Only create source package, do not upload check box.

  5. In the Garage account name field, enter your login name, or select Get an account to create a new account.

    "Upload Settings dialog"

    You can also select Request upload rights to use the Maemo Extras Assistant to validate your Garage account.

  6. Select Commit to publish the application.