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QML QueryDialog Element

Provides a dialog to query a simple question from the user. More...

Inherits Dialog

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    Detailed Description

    This dialog is for providing a question to the user. It is composed of a title (that consists of a title text, an icon or both), a message, and buttons for accepting and rejecting.

    Property Documentation

    acceptButtonText : string

    Text of the accept button. When no text is given, the button is not displayed.The default value is "".

    icon : url

    The URL pointing to an image. If the property value is not empty, an icon is displayed inside the title field. The default value is "".

    message : string

    The message for the user. The default value is "".

    read-onlyrejectButtonText : string

    The reject button's text. If no text is given, the button is not displayed. The default value is "".

    titleText : string

    The title's text. The default value is "".