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VideoWidget Class Reference
[Phonon module]

The VideoWidget class provides a widget that is used to display video. More...

Inherits QWidget and MediaNode.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.4.

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Detailed Description

The VideoWidget class provides a widget that is used to display video.

The VideoWidget class renders the video of a media stream on a QWidget. It is connected to the MediaObject, of which video stream it should render. You connect the two objects using the Phonon::createPath() function.

The widget has some possibilities to manipulate the video stream. You can change the brightness(), hue(), saturation(), and contrast().

Resizing of the video is handled automatically, but you can affect the way the video is resized with the aspectRatio and scaleMode properties. By default, the widget will use the aspect ratio of the video stream itself.

The video widget takes the size of the video when it receives a new video stream (i.e., when a new MediaSource is set on the MediaObject to which it is connected). If you need to know the size of the video, you can call sizeHint() after the video has been loaded (i.e., after the MediaObject leaves the LoadingState).

It is also possible to go to full screen mode.

A typical example of usage follows below:

 MediaObject *media = new MediaObject(parent);
 VideoWidget *vwidget = new VideoWidget(parent);
 Phonon::createPath(media, vwidget);

See also Phonon Module.

Member Type Documentation

enum VideoWidget::AspectRatio

Defines the width:height to be used for the video.

Phonon::VideoWidget::AspectRatioAuto0Let the decoder find the aspect ratio automatically from the media file (this is the default).
Phonon::VideoWidget::AspectRatioWidget1Fits the video into the widget making the aspect ratio depend solely on the size of the widget. This way the aspect ratio is freely resizeable by the user.
Phonon::VideoWidget::AspectRatio4_32Make width/height == 4/3, which is the old TV size and monitor size (1024/768 == 4/3). (4:3)
Phonon::VideoWidget::AspectRatio16_93Make width/height == 16/9, which is the size of most current media. (16:9)

enum VideoWidget::ScaleMode

The ScaleMode enum describes how to treat aspect ratio during resizing of video.

Phonon::VideoWidget::FitInView0The video will be fitted to fill the view keeping aspect ratio.
Phonon::VideoWidget::ScaleAndCrop1The video is scaled

Property Documentation

aspectRatio : AspectRatio

Defaults to AspectRatioAuto.

Access functions:

See also AspectRatio.

brightness : qreal

This property holds brightness of the video.

Default is 0. Acceptable values are in range of -1, 1.

Access functions:

contrast : qreal

This property holds the contrast of the video.

Default is 0. Acceptable values are in range of -1, 1.

Access functions:

fullScreen : bool

This property holds whether the video is shown using the complete screen.

The property differs from QWidget::fullScreen in that it is writeable.

By default the widget is not shown in fullScreen.

Warning: When switching to full screen mode using setFullScreen(), the widget onto which the video is rendered is shown as a top-level window. Key event forwarding is handled by VideoWidget, but if you need to handle other events, e.g., mouse events, you should handle fullscreen mode yourself.

Access functions:

hue : qreal

This property holds the hue of the video.

Default is 0. Acceptable values are in range of -1, 1.

Access functions:

saturation : qreal

This property holds saturation of the video.

Default is 0. Acceptable values are in range of -1, 1.

Access functions:

scaleMode : ScaleMode

If the size of the widget and the size of the video are not equal. The video will be zoomed to fit the widget. The smaller zoom (AddBarsScaleMode) adds black bars at the left/right or top/bottom to make all of the image visible (default). The bigger zoom (ExpandMode) fills the widget completely, keeping all information in one direction and leaving parts of the image outside of the widget in the other direction.

Access functions:

Member Function Documentation

VideoWidget::VideoWidget ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Constructs a new video widget with a parent.

VideoWidget::VideoWidget ( VideoWidgetPrivate & d, QWidget * parent )   [protected]

void VideoWidget::enterFullScreen ()   [slot]

Convenience slot, calling setFullScreen(true)

bool VideoWidget::event ( QEvent * )   [virtual protected]

void VideoWidget::exitFullScreen ()   [slot]

Convenience slot, calling setFullScreen(false)

void VideoWidget::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * )   [virtual protected]

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